Software Engineer



  • Python
  • Java
  • Web dev
    • HTML5
    • CSS
    • Frameworks such as w3css
    • Javascript and Jquery
    • PHP
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Networks


Web Development

Contact me if you're looking for a website to be developed. I've worked with various systems such as wordpress and openCart and i'm willing to learn even more

Software development

I have not created software for a company or a person before but this is something i'm looking to do. Get in contact and i'll show you what I can do


I've worked various jobs but none have been related to a computing industry. These projects below have been done in my own time for free
September 2018

I've owned this domain for a few years. I decided that I could use this domain to showcase my work. This site is pretty basic and the design comes from w3css. I used their framework and template to create this. I can confidently edit the files to create what I want

Wjecnotes is a site I created to keep all my notes online so that I could access them on my phone during school. On this site I tried various things such as dynamic page creation in PHP. I also tried different ways of storing the pages and editing them. This site is not being replaced by
2017 - Current

This is my long and slow project. This design of this site is the same as wjecnotes but on this site i've tried different things to create the pages. This site uses PHP twig to generate the pages, cutting down the amount of writing and debugging i've had to do. I've also discovered a more robust way to store and display my pages, allowing more freedom on the editor


Software Engineering student

Deciding on Masters